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ISO/IEC 20000- Eine Einführung

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ISO / IEC 20000 is the International Certification standard for organizations within the IT Service Management environment. It reflects the increasing desire to have a certification that moves beyond the individual employee and this title complements the EXIN and TüV SüD syllabus.

The goal of this Introduction is to provide an easy to read document that explains the nature, content and aim of ISO 20000. It should bring ISO 20000 within reach of a vast international audience at a higher speed, by providing an easily accessible Introduction.

The title is designed to;

• promote the awareness and the acceptability of ISO 20000 as a valid standard for IT Services      organizations;
• to support ISO 20000 training and certification;
• produce a detailed guide to the core content of ISO 20000, for practitioners.

It is the defining literature for the ISO / IEC 20000 Exam and provides a systematic approach to IT Service Management Quality, which supports increased efficiencies in the workplace!

‘ISO 20000: An Introduction’ is aimed at a broad range of practitioners, trainers and students, who work in IT as well as in other environments, ranging from experienced experts in (IT) service organizations, to those who are looking for a suitable approach to quality improvement issues.

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